“Old School Marketing Yields 7 Figures”

Marketing methods might change, but people don’t. Not really.

There’s a gentleman who consistently makes seven figures in his business without studying the newest, latest and greatest online marketing Tricks and techniques.



Instead, he investigates conventional “offline” procedures that have worked for decades, not just weeks or years.
His clients cherish him and his commodities sell like crazy. For example, he knows that people need to see an advertisement in a newspaper or publication as many as 7 periods before they buy.

So he applies retargeting- those ads that seem to follow you from website to website- to make sure he gets appreciated sufficient time to acquire the sale. He knows from old school commerce that people do business with people they know, like and trust.

And when they want to make another acquisition, they again go back to the person they are aware, like and trust.
So he does everything he can to treat his clients like family and pay their trust.

Of course, he applies technology to automate everything, but that doesn’t change the facts of the case that he loves his consumers and he shows that to them every time he communicates.

He likewise continues a list of VIP clients and plows them accordingly. He’ll create a personal video for a single client, or send them a present or even mail letter.

In reality, he does one of the following options every single day for his VIP’s, which might account for how well he sells Large-hearted ticket parts in the $2000 to $5000 range.

The way he sees his customers is like a best friend might. When he realizes something that he believes is a fraud, he informs them immediately. When he speculates of something that will help his clients, he shares it the same day.

He inspects client’s websites and leaves statements. He checks his emails, and he actually replies to them himself if it’s a VIP client. Online really is the same as offline, in that we are faced with PEOPLE. Funny how we tend to forget that sometimes.

If you had a store with people treading in the door, you would hopefully realize them as people. But online they can sometimes turn into faceless email addresses, which I think is why so many online marketers struggle. They forget that online selling is actually a PEOPLE business.

So grab an old commerce book and start to read and study. Question yourself how it applies to the internet.

You might be surprised at your results.

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