In the News – March 2017

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YouTube channels must now hit 10K views to start earning ad revenue

The change is aimed at keeping bad actors from proliferating to earn ad revenue from the video platform.

“After several tumultuous weeks for YouTube over unwanted media attention and advertiser protest over ads showing up on unsavory video content, YouTube announced Thursday that ads will not show on videos from new creators until a channel reaches 10,000 views. The change is aimed at keeping bad actors from proliferating to earn ad revenue from the video platform.”

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Do we still need to disavow in the era of penguin 4.0?

The change brings up this question: If Penguin is able to devalue spam, is there any reason to disavow links anymore?

“It has now been six months since the launch of Penguin 4.0. In my opinion, Penguin 4.0 was awesome. It took ages for Google to release this update, but when they did, it was much more fair than previous versions of Penguin.

Previous versions of Penguin would cause entire sites to be suppressed if the algorithm thought that you’d engaged in manipulative link building. Even if a site did a thorough link cleanup, the suppression would remain present until Google re-ran the Penguin algorithm and recognized your cleanup efforts. It was not uncommon to see situations like this:”

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Is your affiliate marketing program meeting federal guidelines?

What you need to know about compliance in the affiliate marketing industry.

“Affiliate marketing is built on fostering relationships between brands and publishers — and providing something of value to the consumer such as a coupon, a special offer, cash back or product advice.

The channel affords advertisers some of the best opportunities to reach consumers in a unique environment, but understanding the boundaries within which affiliate marketing operates is critical.”

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Instagram introduces New Direct

Instagram launched the new Direct to turn any conversation into a visual conversation with photos and videos.

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20 YouTube Video Ideas to Put on Your Small Business’s Channel

Product spotlights, announcements, in-action, comparisons, mini-movies and 15 more…

“Video marketing has become increasingly important for businesses of all sizes. And YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for posting and sharing those videos.

If you have a YouTube channel for your small business or are thinking of starting one, here are 20 ideas for types of content you can post.”

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Facebook Cracking Down on Fake Likes and Comments

“Facebook announced the disruption of a major spam operation that had been filling the social network with fake likes and comments.”

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How to Amplify Your Pinterest Marketing

Do you want more Pinterest exposure?

Are you looking for ideas to create engaging Pinterest boards?

Here’s how 3 brands are using unique Pinterest boards to amplify their visual marketing:

“A successful Pinterest marketing strategy relies on the right mix of individual pins and boards to attract viewers and drive engagement.

In this article, you’ll discover how three brands are using unique Pinterest boards to amplify their visual marketing:”

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LinkedIn Just Added Several Ways To Make Messaging Easier

“Users can now send messages from anywhere on the desktop site”

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