Are You Going Into a Niche That You Know Nothing About?

Good. Actually, awesome for you! Here’s what to do …


The first thing you should do is to start a blog. From the first day, tell your readers that you know nothing about that topic (example for niche, let’s say cooking) and one of your goals is to create the world best cake. Then invite your readers to follow the journey with you.

Now start reading about your topic. A mint. Buy and use the products in your niche. Write about what the hell are you read, and tell about your experience with the products.

Recommend the good ones. Formerly you’ve got a dozen or more blog posts, start requesting experts in the niche for interviews. If you’re too shy or nervous at first, you can start with email interviews and labor your course up to audio interviews.



You become health researchers/ reporter, and you give the experts handle the heaving lifting. In 1-5 times? Now YOU’RE the expert. And you never had to lie about knowing substance you didn’t know when you got started. In knowledge, you got, to be honest, truthful and yourself the entire era. And you’ve built an enormous rapport with your audience who very much perceive you’re just like them.

When you use this formula, your readers will trust you and they’ll act on your admonition, whether that’s to buy an affiliate commodity you recommend, buy your own commodities or eventually let you coach them.

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