How to More Traffic for Free With Content Marketing

Spreading the word about your website and what you have to offer and informing the world about your country of knowledge, can all be advanced by commodity writing. It is maybe something you cherish or hate, like Marmite, but you can outsource commodity writing.

You necessary a regular ply of articles, several a few weeks. I happen to love commodity writing and have about 350 but that takes a couple of years to develop. They need to be well written, informative, sometimes a little bit funny, or is also possible reviews of journals or produces. You need your own vogue that you partisans will get to know and they will watch out for your articles.

When you have a collection of articles what can you do with them?

They can be placed on a commodity index, on your website and on other families web sites as client blogging. Some website owners necessary extra articles and will accept guest blogs in return for a link to your website. If you find a high ranked website that will accept your blog, a great number of books can become curious and follow the link to your website. It is hence worthwhile to expend time making good quality informative blogs and haunting the guest blogging avenue.

There are many other places you can expose your blog, Tumblr, Blogarama, Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and many more directories. Some ask distinct unpublished material, specially written for them, others will expose already published exertion. You need to read their rules. You can send forum transaction to your website with your articles if they are relevant to the topic.


My recent scaffold is Kindle blogs they admit already exposed exertion and because Amazon is such a high-ranked website your work will instantly start showing up on Google page one. Shape sure you have appealing entitlements! Also, stir your reserve box inviting with a link to your website.( To learn how to put your articles on Kindle blogs I find a video on YouTube ).

Once your articles are written they can also be recycled in many ways, they can be made into an eBook if they are suitable and of a similar theme. They can be broken up into emails or turned into newsletters to grow your inventory with email marketing.

If you are looking for other ways to re-use your material or other commerce strategies Mick Macro advocates many ways to re-use your material in his diary “9 9 Ways to Flood Your Website With Traffic”

So all you newbie affiliate purveyors I hope this has given you some opinions for swelling transaction to your website and offers. I would like to remind you receiving a good instruct will bring you commissioning much quicker than becoming it alone.

  • So to recap on some of the benefits of working with the guidance of a good instruct:
  • You will be part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, to help and aid each other.
  • Products and training will be provided, plus extras like email templates banner ads etc.
  • The producers will be best sellers, in a good array of your patron’s needs.
  • You will work to a tried and measured formula, to save intelligence overload.
  • Last but not least you can start deserving whilst you are learning the techniques.

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